Sound Reduction Fencing

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Jakoustic Fencing

The revolutionary Jakoustic timber environmental noise barrier system is our answer to noise pollution, a growing problem in our densely populated modern world. We offer acoustic solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, railway and highway applications that can reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels in laboratory conditions, while maintaining an attractive and natural façade; that’s a real reduction in sound of 10dB, as percieved by the human ear. 

Key Information

         - All of our products are supplied with a 25 year guarantee

         - The reflective barrier meets most residential and industrial requirements. 

         - Excellent security characteristics with a completely flat face (with no horizontal rails) which makes it difficult to climb


 Distance from Source2.0m high Fence 2.5m high Fence3.0m high Fence 
 5m13.6 dB 16.5 dB 17.4 dB
 10m11.3 dB13.5 dB14.1 dB
 15m10.3 dB 12.5 dB 12.9 dB
 20m 9.2 dB11.9 dB12.4 dB 


Jakoustic Plus 








Our Jakoustic Fencing and Gates can be upgraded to the Plus system.  An absorptive layer, covered with a protective membrane is incorporated on one side of the boards to further reduce noise by an average of 4 dB.  Jakoustic Plus is ideal in applications where a significant reduction in noise penetration is required, e.g, when property is in close proximity to a main road.  



         - Timber Construction  

         - Unique tuning fork design posts or beams  

         - Special fixings clamp the acoustic boards between posts  

         - Can accommodate changes in level or profile  

         - With timber capping and counter rail  

         - Jakoustic Barrier with an additional absorptive layer covered with a protective membrane  


         - Up to 32 dB reduction in noise*  

         - Easy to install  

         - Suitable for uneven or sloping ground  

         - Jakcure 25 year guarantee  


The following data shows the results of field measurements which simulated the British Standard test procedures. 

Distance from noise source 2.0m high fence 2.5m high fence 3.0m high fence 

*in laboratory conditions.

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